Catching Redfish in Northeast Florida: 7 Quick Tips

Redfish also known as “Spot Tail, Puppy Drum, Bull Red, Channel Bass” are fun fish to catch. The name “Redfish” comes from their copper-colored bodies. They taste great and are plentiful here in Northeast Florida. You can get about 15 pounds of eating out of redfish and they’re tastier and coarser the heavier they are. A trophy redfish can get up to 90 pounds and 36 inches or longer.

Catching Redfish In Northeast Florida

Catching Redfish in Northeast Florida!

Catching redfish in northeast Florida requires a bit of technique. I’ve spent the past 30 years perfecting my technique for catching redfish. Listed below are seven things I do and look for when targeting them.

7 Quick Tips for Catching Redfish in Northeast Florida

  1. Think shallow water (6 inches or less for redfish under 30 inches in length).
  2. Redfish will hit lures. If using lures, natural colors work best. I recommend using topwater or crankbaits.
  3. The best natural bait to use is live blue crab (quartered or cut mullet) with the head laid on the bottom with a slack line.
  4. Mud minnows or live shrimp in combination with a jig head is also a good live bait option.
  5. Use long casts on large areas of shallow water.
  6. Pin point casts on targets such as docks or oyster beds.
  7. Finally, always remember to be as quiet as possible not to spook the fish.

The waters here in northeast Florida are filled with prime redfish. People come from all over the country to catch them. It requires more than luck to pull in the big reds, there’s a technique to it. Following the tips I laid out above will go a long way in refining that technique.

If you’d like guidance with this or any other fishing techniques I’ve posted about, feel free to contact me about a charter in the Northeast Florida area. (904) 866 – 8055

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